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05:50pm 06/12/2003
  I live quote, just to make things fun
09:54pm 29/11/2003
mood: amused
"they're going to blow up the moon."
"would you miss it!?... would you miss it!?"
05:50pm 23/11/2003
  "Wipe your feet, my parents are totally anal."
"Oh, that's gross."


"Oh I remember you... how could I forget those big, hairy nipples?"
09:55pm 16/11/2003
  - think about this: in eleven years it's going to be 1984
- *stares* wanna see me feed a mouse to my snake?
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05:44am 11/11/2003
  "Are you a homophobe, Dave?"
"No... I'm a pulling-my-penis-out-in-front-of-you-aphobe"
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12:47pm 08/11/2003
  "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while you could miss it."  
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but I was talking to MYSELF 
10:34am 30/10/2003
  "Next time you're talking to yourself, tell yourself you're single and END the conversation."  
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Random movie quotes 
10:15pm 19/10/2003
  "Abazaba you my only friend".

"Can spiderman come out to play".

"...i saw that movie 20 god damn times. Its jason" "Well then you should know that Jason's mother Mrs. Vorhies was the original killer". "You tricked me".

"You got knocked the F#$k out".
02:01pm 13/10/2003
  When they ask me what I liked best, I'll tell them it was you.  
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12:03am 24/09/2003
  "you...human paraquat!"  
guess this 
05:48am 14/09/2003
mood: restless
"What if there was an animal higher than us on the food chain? And what if this suddenly lost all respect for us and started slaughtering us wholesale?"

I usualy put quotes on my msn6 display name and well I thought whom else likes movie quotes and now I am here..
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03:56am 18/08/2003
  i know this isnt a quote.
but i was wondering if anybody knew the artist and/or title to the opening fight scene from romeo and juliet (the 96 version with claire danes)
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04:21pm 10/08/2003
  hello, my name is idigo montoya.
you killed my father - prepare to die!
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02:28am 09/08/2003
  "I'm going to duel him left handed"
"You KNOW what a hurry we're in!"
"Well.. it's the only way I can be satisfied. If I use my right, poof, over too quickly."
"Oh have it your way."
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08:09pm 20/07/2003
  "Anything to declare?"
"Yeah. Don't go to england."
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02:39am 20/07/2003
  "How's it feel to have a wacko for a son?"
"It feels wonderful."
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06:18pm 08/07/2003
  "Pain don't hurt."

(words of wisdom from today's sole living genius)
05:51pm 30/06/2003
  ahhh, someone told me this line, which is at the beginning of a taking back sunday song, is from "beautiful girls" and i just wanted to make sure...

"a beautiful girl can make you dizzy, like you've been drinkin jack n' coke all morning, she can make you feel high, one of the single greatest commodities known to man. Promise, promise of a better day, promise of a greater hope, promise of a new tomorrow. This particular aura can be found in the gate of a beautiful girl, in her smile and in her soul...and the way she makes every rotten little thing about life seem like its gonna be okay"

i know im gonna feel dumb, hehe
09:03am 25/06/2003
  RIGHT I REALLY REALLY NEED HELP!!! I need several plays on the theme of EARTH, any variation of!
Long or short funny or not anything and urgently...!!! THANKS!!!

Please email me or comment me.

03:08am 17/06/2003
mood: spacey
"We haven't always fired at them... For a time, we tried to contact them by radio, but no response. Then they attacked a town. A small town, I'll admit, but nevertheless a town of people. People who died."