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Please comment with more quotes from this movie (if you know what it is)

"We're VERY good-looking. You especially."

Another line in case you just don't quite get it: "You can take away our car and you can take away our keys but you can NOT take away our dreams. Yeah! Cuz we're like...sleeping when we have 'em."
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Now that I'm on the spot, I actually can't think of a good quote from that movie, but the first thing off the top of my head from the wedding scene "Repeat after me..." "After me."
(Nice obscure line!)
I'm sorry...I have to put this whole thing in. It's one of my fav. lines:

“So anyways... I’m standing there waiting to use the payphone,”
“Yeah...he was...seriously,”
“And this guy who was on the phone turns around and tips his hat like this.”
“And who do you think that guy was?”
“Emilio Estevez...”
“The mighty duck man...I swear...I was there!”
“Of course you were! You were the one that yelled the breakfast clubbers name!”
“I was like Emilio!”
“A-ha... A-ha...” “Whoooo...”
“So guys want to make out or what?”
haha I love that!! How about the one about life in the fast lane
"It's carry on only and you're just way too much luggage." I love that one too
lol...Is that a mirror in your pocket? Cuz I can see myself in your pantsssssss. (I love this line. Chris Kattan is hilarious)
Did you just grab my ass? There is a lot of grabbin' going on over there.